View Full Version : Pepsi's Greatest Hits

01-19-2010, 02:17 AM
They had something called Diet Pepsi greatest hits where Lemon Pepsi came back in diet form

Diet Pepsi Greatest Hits (http://dietpepsigreatesthits.com/)

Maybe they should do Pepsi's Greatest Hits or something similar where they bring back several non diet flavors for a limited time only with *real* sugar

Pepsi Lemon
Pepsi Lime
Pepsi Vanilla

Create another Cherry Pepsi, or change the current one....

Pepsi Wild Cherry / Pepsi Cherry (could either go all cane/beet sugar for 8 weeks, or another name could be given to an all sugar version like 'Pepsi Cherry' in order to keep the regular HFCS/sugar Wild Cherry formula while testing the real sugar version)

These should be available in 20 oz, 2 liter, and 12 pack cans. These flavors can do better with real sugar and Pepsi should try these flavors again for 8 weeks.