View Full Version : Pepsi's options in making sugar permanent

03-12-2010, 06:36 AM
1. Make Pepsi Throwback permanent and leave HFCS in regular Pepsi / CF Pepsi (but have sugar during Passover)

2. Make Pepsi Throwback replace regular Pepsi / CF Pepsi, ending any chance of ever tasting the sweeter KP versions again

3. Switch regular Pepsi and CF Pepsi back to sugar completely, but don't bring back the Citric Acid Free variant (Throwback)

4. Make Pepsi Throwback permanent, switch regular Pepsi and CF Pepsi back to all sugar, then rename Pepsi Throwback Citric Acid Free Pepsi.

Pepsi (KP Pepsi)
Caffeine Free Pepsi (KP CF Pepsi)
Citric Acid Free Pepsi (Pepsi Throwback)

regular Pepsi, CF Pepsi, and Pepsi Wild Cherry are now a mix of HFCS and sugar, maybe the sugar content will keep increasing?