View Full Version : Virgil's Diet Real Cola & Zevia Twist

04-18-2010, 12:18 PM
My wife and I went to a specialty food store yesterday and I found some diet drinks sweetened with "all-natural" stevia sweetener. I decided to pay $1.50 for a bottle of Virgil's Diet Real Cola to see if it was any good. That stuff was AWFUL! After two sips, I dumped the rest of the bottle down the drain. The stevia has an aftertaste that is difficult to get rid of.

At the same store, I had also bought another (cheaper) stevia-sweetened drink, Zevia Lemon-Lime Twist. It had the same horrible aftertaste. It tasted like the Diet Shasta Lemon-Lime soda of the late 1970's that was sweetened with saccharin.

Stevia may be "all-natural," but I don't plan to ever buy any products that use it as a sweetener.