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04-28-2010, 12:08 PM
I started to post about this a week ago but I think I messed up and it never got posted.

Has anyone else noticed that Hansen's new logo has made it onto their soda pop packaging and cans now? I noticed it on some of their other products a while ago. But then the local Safeway stopped carrying Hansens, which was unfortunate since I really like their diet Root Beer (much better than any other diet RB's I've had, and since I've decided to quit aspartame, one of the only diet sodas I'm currently drinking). Well a couple of weeks after selling out of the old product, they brought it back, but instead of plain 6-packs like before, they are now in 8-pack cartons and with all-new logos. ($4.88 list price, ouch! But on sale for 2.88) And they added the cane-sugar root beer which was not carried before, on the shelf right next to the Diet.

Well Hansens did kind of a poor job with their packaging, the diet and non-diet look way too much alike. I grabbed an 8-pack off the shelf, and put it in my cart, only to notice it was not diet. Then I looked on the shelf and saw the one behind it there was diet, so I went and bought both. (Actually I think the diet tastes better)

After I got home from the store I looked up on Hansen's website, and no sign there of the new logo. And didn't see any mention of it around here, so I thought I'd bring it up and ask if anyone else has an opinion.

Neither logo is that great in my mind. And I think they really should do something to better differentiate between normal and diet.


Here's the cans, old-diet, new-diet and new-regular Root Beer:


And the new cartons, regular and diet, new logo:


04-29-2010, 02:00 PM
Wow..almost identical..

04-30-2010, 12:35 AM
I noticed it last week when I bought some. I too drink it because the diet doesn't contain that chlordane erm... aspartame. I like the Tangerine Lime and Peach but I can't agree with you on the rootbeer! Too bad Diet A&W can't switch to Splenda because that's a very tasty drink.

I like the diet Rite sodas, especially Cola and Cherry cola and I also drink Pepsi One and Diet Cheerwine as they all have Splenda also. Also Diet Shasta has Splenda and the Creme is sweeter than any drink I've ever had.

As for the new Hansen's logo, it's ok. Nothing special. I do like the fridge packs though.