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08-12-2010, 06:36 PM
I have a store in Northern Georgia. 50 miles east of Atlanta. I'm looking for a distributor that carries multiple INDY soda brands such as,
Sioux City
Buble Up
Dublin Dr. Pepper
Big Red
CocaCola pure cane (mex)

Stuff like that. Any other unique brands are great. Any help would be appreciated.
Have a great day.

08-12-2010, 07:44 PM
Most of those are not indy soda brands.

Nehi, A&W, and Dr Pepper are owned by Dr Pepper Snapple.

Big Red is owned by Big Red Ltd, who also produces other "Big" flavors, and owns NuGrape, too.

Moxie is owned by Coca-Cola Northern New England

Coca-Cola is owned by The Coca-Cola Company.

The rest are indie brands.

Hank's is a Philadelphia brand, and they have distribution in 40 states. Can't say who has it in your area, though. Personally, I'd go with Boylan's over Hank's.

Hank's Gourmet Beverages (http://www.hanksbeverages.net/)

Dad's Root Beer, along with Bubble Up, Suncrest, and Dr. Wells are owned by Hedinger Brands, and are licensed to the Dad's Root Beer Company (both owned by the Hedinger family).

Dad's Root Beer Company (http://www.dadsrootbeer.com/)

I know Orca Beverages bottles some of those flavors in glass - I've seen them in Cost Plus World Market and Cracker Barrel Restaurants.

Sioux City is owned by White Rock.

::White Rock:: (http://www.whiterockbeverages.com/SiouxCity.cfm)

Waialua is primarily on the west coast. Real Soda distributes it.

Waialua Soda Works (http://waialuasodaworks.com/)

Real Soda in Real Bottles (http://www.realsoda.com/index.html)

Not sure about the others.

Honestly, I doubt you'll find a distributor in your area. You could try a Hispanic foods distributor for the Mexican Coke, but I don't know if they deal with non-Hispanics or not. The local Coca-Cola bottler/warehouse will also have it.

I'd suggest trying Real Soda (link above) for help in buying the others in bulk. You might get lucky and find a trucking company with a few empty pallet spaces on the back of their truck to haul the stuff to you.

Boylan's, which I recommended over Hank's, seems to be increasingly carried by beer distributors looking to broaden their non-alcoholic lineup.