View Full Version : Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash... now with "real sugar"

09-16-2010, 01:40 PM
So big deal, right? It's only the 5th holiday season that Pepsi has brought back Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash (http://www.bevreview.com/2010/09/16/sierra-mist-cranberry-splash-with-real-sugar/).

http://www.bevreview.com/wp-content/image_sierramistcranberrysplash_realsugar1.jpg (http://www.bevreview.com/2010/09/16/sierra-mist-cranberry-splash-with-real-sugar/)

Ah, but 5 is a lucky number here, because I personally think this iteration is the best yet. Tied to the relaunch of Sierra Mist Natural (http://www.bevreview.com/2010/08/24/sierra-mist-natural/) and the whole "real sugar" kick (which I'm still on the fence about, surprisingly didn't think it was a home run), I'm a huge fan of the sugar infusion in Cranberry Splash. It's an improved drink! (http://www.bevreview.com/2010/09/16/sierra-mist-cranberry-splash-with-real-sugar/)

Probably the biggest takeaway I found was that you could actually taste the cranberry 'bitter/sweet' flavor, vs. previously which was more like a 'yeah, it's sort of a cherry-ish thing'. The taste is far more distinctive now. I like it! :)

I just wish I still had a bottle from last season to give it a more accurate A/B comparison, but we'll go with the gut on this one.