View Full Version : Faygo's different facilities

10-24-2010, 04:21 PM
Over the past few months, Faygo drinks have been appearing in more and more locations around the NC Piedmont area. I've tried a number of the diet varieties. Some I've really liked (Diet Grape, Diet Orange, and Diet Root Beer), others are so-so (Diet Moon Mist, Diet Cola) or not very good (Diet Redpop).

After buying the flavors that I liked several times from different stores, I noticed that the taste of some of these Faygo drinks was not consistent. The drinks with the code "GA" on them tended to taste much better than the ones with the code "M" on them. I contacted National Beverages (which owns Faygo) and was informed that the cans with "GA" on them were produced at their facility on Gratiot Avenue in Detroit, MI while the cans (and plastic bottles) with the "M" on them were from their "Florida facility." The person I spoke with said that the quality controls were the same at both plants, but added that there had been some "recent problems" with their plastic bottled drinks from Florida. However, I could tell a difference in the taste of the canned sodas too. The ones with the "M" tended to taste like they had been watered down.

Has anyone else ever noticed a difference in taste from different bottling facilities?