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11-27-2010, 05:10 PM
I do not know if anybody noticed but safeway in canada has now completely changed the go2cola to Refresh. Bad move. The product is not manufactured by the same company that it was before. I use to drink go2cola diet with splenda. It was a product of canada before. Now since they have changed to refresh cola it is no longer a product of canada and it is not made with splenda. I tried the refresh version and it gave me some problems that i cannot mention. It also says on the bottle that it is not a product of canada. So who knows where they are making it. All i know it is not as good as the previous go2cola that safeway use to have. If you look on the bottles in canada safeways you will notice that most of the refresh products if not all are no longer made in canada. Sorry safeway no longer buying them.

11-27-2010, 07:14 PM
The Zero Calorie Go 2 Cola were good.

I LOVE the Refreshe Mountain Breeze soda though.

11-29-2010, 07:37 PM
To be really honest i used to be a diet soda addicted person for a couple decades. I was over weight and close borderline to diabeties so i cold turkey quit all diet soda and i lost like 10 pounds and my bloating and stomach issues improved greatly. A couple years ago i quit cold turkey and i have not had a diet soda with exception of one a few weeks ago and i felt it bad as it was a diet coke and a coke zero, they bloated me for a couple of days and my digestion system was messed up for a week. I do drink soda but limited amounts and i only drink regular soda with sugar/HFCS and not 100% HCFS or just sugar as your body naturally breaks down sugar. There have been many studies to show what i just mentioned of how sugar is naturally broken down by your body aka regular sugar non-liquid sugar sodas in limited numbers. You feel better, you do not feel bloated, full of gas and feel ill symptoms plus splenda does not help you in any way as it is just another bio-food product and is not real so your body does not know how to break it down properly and i get sick off of splenda. Next time you go shopping just wait a couple minutes in the soda isle and look at the people who buy diet soda's, does diet soda look as though it is working for them but they continue to buy it in tremendous numbers and i know people will things like, "i cannot have sugar because of my diabeties". Well fine but it is this diet soda that helped or helps and keep you there. Remember when you started to buy diet soda? Has it helped you keep off the pounds? Most likely not.......right? Cut down the intake and make the switch to regular soda and just try it for two months, like i did. You will see and feel a difference.