View Full Version : How To Create A Functional Beverage Start-Up Business

Stephanie Price
05-01-2011, 04:44 PM
I have an idea for a functional beverage similar to an energy drink but with more perks. I have so many questions as I am totally new to this and have just starting exploring this idea.

1. What type of education would I need? I want to handle the marketing and product development side and have a partner handle the business and financial side.

2. Who would I need on my team? A business partner? A pharmacist? Who Else?

3. Where could I network to meet these people in my area? (San Diego)

4. I have too low of an income to fund this business.. What are some ways to manufacture the drink that are the most inexpensive?

5. What are some immediate steps I can take to lay the foundation for this vision?

6. What are some other things I need to do and know?