View Full Version : New Diet Coke can design

Ram0n C0keah0lic
08-11-2011, 12:32 AM
Beverage Digest posted on Twitter a photo of the new design of the Diet Coke can... I think that in the now extinct Salute to Soda message board someone posted a pic before...


According to the tweet... it will be released this fall: http://twitter.com/#!/BeverageDigest/status/101404191917998080

Mr Zabe
08-11-2011, 01:12 AM
This can is an eye sore.
Are you sure that this design is not a gag?

08-11-2011, 03:00 AM
Eh, it's not great. I don't drink Diet Coke so it doesn't matter for me, haha.

08-11-2011, 10:53 AM
That design is ugly.

08-12-2011, 08:18 AM
Vaguely reminds me of Windows Phone 7.

the saint
08-13-2011, 08:31 PM
I wonder when the facebook pages and customer outcry for a boycott on diet coke will start like they did for pepsi when pepsi changed their look.