View Full Version : My short trip to the Dallas/Ft-Worth area...

12-11-2011, 09:53 PM
Short doesnt exactly describe it right but needless to say I didnt have much time out there to do a lot of exploring but I did get some time. Noticed two big attractions are both Pepsi accounts..the Cowboys stadium(did the VIP tour..hes the fan..I just wanted to see it) and that ginormous DFW airport..wow is that place huge..same sq foot as Manhattan I am told.

ANYHOO..besides stopping at a few chain restaraunts(which were all coke accounts) like In N Out burger and Jack in the box..I got to one Walmart..one convenience store(7-11) and that was it(FYI a convenience chain I never heard of called QT dominates down there). I wasnt driving so I couldnt really demand much. I bought and tried for the first time cherry RC cola(2lt) from the wally world..it was good but definately not as good as Cherry Coke or Pepsi WC. Of course coke dominates in that area(my friend who I stayed with is a coke merch btw..funny right?) big time in shelf space and even Dr.Pepper(of course..being born in El Plano, TX) had more shelf space than Pepsi did..the Pepsi space was tiny! Pepsi did have manzanita sol Apple I wanted to try but didnt get a chance to. Oddly I found out that peace Tea is NOT distributed by CCR(the new acronym?) down there..my friend was confused when I asked him about it too...Monster is of course in coke's hands down there too and they apparently do very well with it. He even told me that the mega facility he works out of actually bottles the Dr.Pepper 20oz..but of course doesnt distribute them.

The only real odd thing that stood out in my mind was while in the In N Out burger to order our food they had 7-up(not sprite) on the fountain..as well as I believe Dr.Pepper(not 100% on that but Im pretty sure) as well as the other core Coke product.

Well anyways..sorry it seems kind of scatter brained but a lot happened in a flash there..hope you enjoyed the little info I could remember..

12-12-2011, 03:20 PM
All In-N-Out Burgers have 7UP along with DP, Coke, Diet Coke, Barq's Root Beer, MM Light Lemonade, freshly made pink lemonade, and fresh brewed unsweetened iced tea. I have an In-N-Out Burger in my hometown and all other In-N-Outs I have been too have the exact same menu/drink choices. The only thing that has changed on the In-N-Out menu was the addition of MM Light Lemonade in recent years. Usually I get half 7UP/half pink lemonade as my drink choice when I'm there unless I'm getting a shake.

I'm glad you got to try In-N-Out, a California staple now available in Texas.