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01-16-2012, 05:08 PM

We are a beverage co-packer in the Los Angeles Area. Our company name is California Co-packers. Our company is fairly large and we are the only completely beverage solution. We are better then the other guys is because of the things below. We also have the lowest minimums in the industry because of our multiple bottling facilities.

What we can provide:
-Beverage consulting
-Beverage formulation
-Beverage bottling
-Shipping and Logistics
-Research and Development
-Label design
-Label printing
-Sales and Marketing
-Website design
-Graphic design

We have a 3 bottling facilities and 2 warehouses. We have the infrastructure to support growing brands. We have a in-house marketing, graphic design, and printing shop. We also have a distribution company to help get product into stores. We guarantee to have the fastest service and lowest price. We will match anyone. We were wondering if your beverage consulting company would like to use our service for co-packing and other product listed above.

If you are interested please call (818) 402-5737