View Full Version : Energy Gel Copackers...?

04-27-2012, 02:48 PM
Hey guys,

A friend of mine who posts here guided me to the site. I'm starting a company that is an energy gel (like GU, ClifShot, etc) and am looking for copacker options. It's a niche product so they're hard to find, especially in the south/east.

I figured some of you may have contacts through the beverage copackers that may be able to make this type of form/fill/seal product.

Anyone have a suggestion?

04-28-2012, 12:03 AM
You'll probably have to look outside of the traditional beverage copacking industry for someone to do this.

I did a bit of searching, and this might be an option - Decko Products Inc. - Welcome (http://www.decko.com/) Even though their main focus is frosting and confections, they have the ability to package any food product in a tube or pouch.

Chances are, Clif and the others use copackers as well. I'd ask them who they use. Seems like the best way to find out who does this type of copacking. Worst they can say is 'no.' You don't even have to mention you're copacking an energy gel, it could be some other type of gel product. A relaxation gel, a vitamin/supplement gel, etc.