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b rad
05-16-2012, 02:11 PM

I am new to the forum... I joined to learn from the experiences of those out there who have "done it!!" and share with those, like myself, who are "doing it!!"

I am starting a business to produce and sell bottled coffee drinks. To maintain control over quality, among other things, we've decided it's necessary for us to personally brew and bottle the coffee. A few of the varieties will contain Soy or Dairy. All varieties will require refrigeration. We will be doing small batch production runs and I expect they will all be done by hand.

Being in California, there is a lot of red tape that we're trying to understand so we can make the right decisions for production and bottling. A few of the questions/ concerns I have are:

Can any certified commercial kitchen be used as a bottling facility?
Are we, the brewers/bottlers, required to have any food & beverage handling certifications? Or any food related certifications for that matter?
How can we test and determine the shelf life of our products?
General advice on filling and capping the drinks.

All insights/ideas/feedback is appreciated!!