View Full Version : Double Fudge and Strawberry Yoohoo? IS DPSG at it again?

05-21-2012, 06:20 PM
So I haven't had Double Fudge Yoohoo in awhile. My friend is a huge fan of the Strawberry Yoohoo. Well, I can't find it anywhere. I called my local DPSG in Tampa and Jacksonville. They said they don't sell it and told me to call corporate. Wonderful! I been up this road before. You may remember me from my Hires Root Beer post.

So I call the Corporate Number. They tell me its been discontinued. I tell them that the website still says its available. They said well they haven't got around to changing it yet. You got to be kidding me?

So did DPSG REALLY discontinue these two Yoohoo's or are they a bunch of Yahoos and its still bottled somewhere? What about Canada?