View Full Version : RC Cola in Philadelphia

02-09-2014, 08:47 PM
Does RC exist in Philly? I haven't seen a bottle, can or fountain yet.

02-09-2014, 09:56 PM
The city proper? I can't say for sure. I think it is serviced out of Pennsauken NJ, which is Honickman's main facility for southern NJ/eastern MD/DE/eastern PA. They produce DPSG and Pepsi products there.

I don't think they do any fountains. You should be able to find 12 packs and 2 liters, though. We have them down this way. You should also be able to find the Canada Dry flavors (lime, peach, pineapple, black cherry, cream) in 20oz as well.

02-10-2014, 08:03 PM
I spent the weekend on the east side of the city, from the turnpike down to Oregon Ave, and not once did I see RC. The Canada Dry flavors you mentioned were everywhere, though I do not recall lime.

02-11-2014, 09:01 PM
I am fairly sure they don't carry 20oz RC or Diet Rite up that way. The Potomac division does, and they sell them in 6 packs and loose.

12pk/2L should have been available in large store. Acme and ShopRite would have been the best bets. RC is a red-headed stepchild around here, they don't push it or Diet Rite at all. It's never on displays.

The Canada Dry lime is fairly hard to find. I used to have a reliable source - a 7-11 not too far from me. But it recently closed. Not sure why, it was located on busy US 13. But I am sure that the Wawa that opened a stone's throw away didn't help matters any.

02-13-2014, 04:25 PM
Did you find anything unusual? When I was on South Street for a concert a few years ago, a restaurant I ate at had Fanta Birch Beer on tap (I've always felt they should put that in bottle/can for this area).

02-13-2014, 06:51 PM
RC is a red-headed stepchild around here, they don't push it or Diet Rite at all. It's never on displays.

Interesting how certain colas dominate some areas. RC was about as popular as Coke and Pepsi in the Triad area of NC for many years. When RC was acquired by Cadbury-Schwepps, however, they stopped promoting it and its presence has dropped slowly ever since. Cherry RC and Diet RC disappeared over a decade ago.

In some other areas, RC is still very popular. Last fall, for example, I visited Blairesville, GA and found RC Ten (in addition to Cherry RC and Diet RC). It's really good. Too bad it's not more widely available.

Also, I've seen some areas in Virginia where Pepsi seems to be the dominant cola. Pepsi seems to have at least twice as much store shelf space as Coke in those places and RC is scarce.

02-13-2014, 08:06 PM
Did I find anything unusual in Philly? Besides the displays of Canada Dry product containing the flavors you mentioned above, no. It's kind of hard to stop at every c-store and grocery store when I have someone traveling with me. I'll be back again though. Tony Lukes in the city was closed for renovation so I still haven't had a cheese steak inside the Philadelphia city limits.
I saw Fanta Birch Beer on tap at Boardwalk Burgers and Fries when staying in Hunt Valley, Maryland Labor Day 2013.