View Full Version : Pasteurizing lemonade

07-07-2014, 04:44 PM
Have been selling made-fresh bottled lemonade for two years at farmers market. It's not pasteurized. Now ready to move it into a few local retail stores. It's all small scale. Need to find a pasteurizing solution that doesn't involve expensive machines. Read a thread on this forum I found with a Google search that never really finished answering some of my questions.

I need lemon juice heated to certain temperature for certain amount of time (flash pasteurizing) in an effort to minimize fresh flavor loss. I've searched high and low on YouTube, etc. for any examples of how to do this on the stove with no luck.

If the lemon juice itself needs to reach a certain temp quickly - then cooled quickly, wouldn't it be better with lemonade to bring water to that temp, add the lemon juice, remove after 15 seconds and drop ice directly into the mix for quick cooling? Lemonade is water, lemon juice and sugar. Water is the largest ingredient. Wondering if this is a legit pasteurizing process to heat water first. In this way you don't have to wait for the lemon juice to heat up, it will just be added to something that is already at 160 degrees F.

Only need to process about a gallon at a time. Small amounts for now.