View Full Version : Diet Coke with Splenda is back

10-16-2015, 04:30 PM
After having seen it pictured on a shopping cart ad a few weeks ago (alongside the normal and caffeine free versions), I spotted 12 packs of Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda at Shop Rite earlier today. It had disappeared years ago (2009 according to Wikipedia), but I can only assume this comeback is their way of responding to Diet Pepsi's sweetener change while still playing it safe with the original.

I remember liking it in 2005, but then Coke Zero came out and overshadowed it for me. Later, I grew fond of the *last* reformulation of Diet Pepsi, with the aspartame/ace-K blend. The new Diet Pepsi isn't bad, but I think it's a step down from the last formulation, and I've also gotten a bit tired of Coke Zero. Having just retried Diet Coke with Splenda, I think it might be my current favorite out of the big diet cola brands, though I'm also very fond of the new clear Zevia cola (which evokes memories of Crystal Pepsi).

10-21-2015, 07:49 PM
I've seen it in several parts east coast in the last 3 years, don't think it ever went away.

10-24-2015, 10:16 PM
It's been available in some grocery stores (Lowe's Foods, Harris-Teeter, etc.) in the NC Triad area for quite a while. It's certainly better than the regular Diet Coke.