View Full Version : Welchs at Walmart

05-29-2016, 02:06 PM
Several months ago, at a Pennsylvania Walmart I found 1 12 pack and 1 2 liter of Welchs Grape soda among the Walmart private label soda. There were no shelf tags anywhere for the Welchs.
A couple weeks ago at the local Walmart I found a 12 pack of Welchs Strawberry among Walmart soda and again no shelf tags.

06-15-2016, 11:57 PM
We've had Welch's soda at the Walmart Neighborhood Market stores for a couple years now but I haven't seen them in the regular Walmarts. Of course, they were only available in two of the exceedingly rare flavors, Grape and Strawberry. Weird, cause Sunkist, Fanta, Crush or any of the other brands rarely put out those flavors, right? :eek: I think I'd stand in front of the store nude if just for ONCE, I could go in and see something like Welch's Peach or Sparkling Punch. Or Sunkist Cherry Limeade which we used to have everywhere, Sunkist Peach, any of the Fanta flavors besides the boring three flavors, Cherry or Peach Crush or just SOMETHING out of the same old, same old. It's so frustrating for me being a soda lover, especially the fruity flavored sodas and just be limited to those same three flavors by every company.

06-20-2016, 05:05 PM
I went back a few days ago. No Welch's, no space, no shelf tag. I wonder if Walmart store brand is canned at the same place as Welch's and they were a shipping mistake? That does not explain why both cans and two liter were there though.