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    This is being looked at completely the wrong way....

    This is being looked at completely the wrong way. Yes, it may just be 18 thousand people. And those 18 thousand people may tell only a few friends. But those people drink a LOT of Dr. Pepper. Think...
  2. Anyone else get sick when they drink Coke Zero or Pepsi Max??

    I don't know what it is!! Maybe it's the sweetener, but whenever I drink any Zero soda, or any Max soda, especially the colas. I get heartburn so bad that it feels like someone has been punching me...
  3. Is Coke ever gonna come out with a new soda flavor?

    how long has it been, I think the last thing was coke zero and it's flavor extensions. The freestyle is great but i'l like to bring some flavors home. Anybody here work for coke that can give insight...
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    I'm just gonna list the ones that I have here...

    I'm just gonna list the ones that I have here that may or may not be available everywhere.

    Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper
    Diet RC Cola and Cherry RC
    Sunkist Solar Fusion and occasionally citrus...
  5. Thread: peach nehi

    by ilikesoda

    peach nehi

    Just saw peach nehi pop up for the very first time at a walmart in broward county in south florida. Anyone else see it pop up by them recently?
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    trading idea? let me know what you think.

    I was thinking about how spread out all of us are and how we all have unique and hard to find sodas (at least to others) right in our backyards. Why not set up a trading system? No profits, just for...
  7. haha, no, not orange slice soda, AN actual orange...

    haha, no, not orange slice soda, AN actual orange slice. But yes, they do have peach vault. There was regular, red blitz, peach, orange, and grape vault.
  8. The most delicious concoction for at least the next week :) coke freestyle

    So today I went to mecca (a la the local pei wei that has a coke freestyle setup). I poured a regular vault, topped the top inch with peach vault, squeezed an orange slice in and left it in the cup...
  9. I could bite my tongue no longer - my note to 7up about cherry 7up with antioxidants

    Sent 4/20/2011 to 7up via their website.

    "I just wanted you to know how much I now hate one of my former favorite products. I tried not to write this email, but I can no longer bite my tongue. You...
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