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    Hi all

    Did anyones known commonly how many bottles of 1,5 L beverage have been manufactured by a beverage company in one year ? example like
    How many bottles of 1,5 L Coca Cola have been manufactured in one year ?

    Is it true most of the 1,5 L Coca Cola consumed by their loyal customer.



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    I think you will have to look specific outside the United States for that question or for that matter even outside of Canada. As I recall from my Canadian travels they, like the US, have 2liter sodas and 1liter sodas and 1/2liter sodas/20oz. .5liter for Canada predominantly and 20oz for the US.

    Recommendation, find the nearest Coke bottler that sells 1.5liter sodas and see if they will tell you (for a school project or something) how many cases of 1.5l sodas they sell per month then find out approximately where other places are that packages of this size are sold. You will have to do some talking and knowing the right questions IF you can get someone to talk to you with numbers would be the biggest help, in my opinion.

    Another thought is to call CCE direct in Atlanta or your local regional headquarters.


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