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    For many years I wondered when Soft drink company's would release alcohol infused drinks with their most popular soda.

    Shweppes took the plunge a year and a half ago and came out with two flavors; Gin & Tonic and Rye & Ginger. Both have a clean crisp taste and all ingredients can be tasted as well including the ginger ale.

    I'm not sure if Coca-Cola and Pepsi are using a wait and see approach or they just don't care to venture in that market, but im sure a Coke/rum cooler and a 7up/rye cooler would make the above said companys alot of $$$, just as long as they're not marketed towards teens of coarse.

    Also of note Bacardi (mickey sized) used to come packaged with a 2L bottle of Coke until recently when they gave them the shaft and came out with a Bacardi & cola cooler. And while we can mix all the above said drinks ourselves, it would still be somewhat of a novelty to have an alcohol cooler with a COKE or PEPSI label on it for a change.

    What type of Soda would you like to see made into a cooler? Welch's Grape/vodka? or how about Crush Orange/rum?

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