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    TonyH Guest


    I am trying to find out what company produced a carbonated citrus soda called Rondo back around 1980. If anyone has any insight, please let me know. Thanks.

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    atl Guest


    Yes, Rondo. I remember from surfing the BevBoard before, someone talking about it, it was replaced by Squirt. There was one commercial I recall. A guy riding on a mountain and when he gets to the bottom he slams the Rondo and crushes the can.

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    TomVK Guest


    I remember Rondo very well. It was a citrus cross between Squirt and Mountain Dew. I really liked its taste. I lived in LA area but could not get it anywhere in southern CA for some unknown reason; but it seemed to be everywhere else in the country, even northern CA. Several trips I got it at the border of AZ on my way back into CA. Now I live in AZ, but I haven't seen it anywhere for over 10 years.

    Anyone have a stockpile?!?!?!?


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    Man oh man!

    Rondo brings back a lot of ****ing memories!

    That drink was the cat's meow!

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