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    I headed up I95 tonight and cut over toward Lillington to see if I could find some Sanford DP in glass. I had no luck there so I headed toward Sanford. I pulled up to the Piggly Wiggly and saw a small Coca-Cola pickup truck in the parking lot. Keep in mind, it's like 10:30PM. I say to myself, "what kind of luck is that? They should have it!" Now before I alarm anyone with this news, I assume Sanford NC, is Sanford Coke territory right? I mean, I guess territories might make strange maps, but I would think this would be theres.

    Sure enough a fellow is in there stocking the shelves. But I don't seem to see any glass Dr Pepper After a minute or two I ask him if this store stocks it. He tells me that they no longer have DP in glass [img]redface.gif[/img] And they haven't had it for a couple of months. Some kind of problem with the bottle supplier. He said a lot of people were really ticked off about it

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    In June 2005 I had the same problem. Nothing at the Piggly Wiggly, which was downtown then, now it has moved to the former Winn Dixie. The Coke route man in Food Lion told me thay had trouble getting bottles from Mexico. Food Lion had nothing and Winn Dixie had half a six pack. Planning a fall Carolina trip I called and left a message at Sanford Coke several months later and they returned my call said there was plenty for sale.
    In September of 2006 there was none to be found at PW but the Coke guy there told me to go to Food Lion which had nothing. A phone call to Sanford Coke almost ended with a smashed cellphone as they have NEVER answered their phone when I call, always have to listen to the options and leave a message. I did track plenty down at Lowes Food, off Rt 1 on the west side of town. There were also plenty of single bottles for sale at the Scotsman c-store at the Rt 1/ Rt 421 interchange.
    Did you find Mexican Coke at Piggly Wiggly?
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    we have dr.pepper in a glass here in hammond, louisiana.

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