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    Default Beverage company start up, formulations and ingredients , How do I start up??

    Hello folks Im new to this sight , I was told from a good source that this is a good place to start in my venture to start up my own beverage company, that this is where some of the successful entrepreneur go to either help out the new guys or get answers to some of their own questions, My question is "Recipe" ,"Ingredients" My dream was, to market a root beer that my father use to make on all our family events, but I come to find out that the syrup he used was "Hires Root-beer" , so I don't think that would go over well with "HIRES", so to start off can anyone tell me , how do I formulate the ingredients for, flavored water, soda or juice's? I live in Central California in the wine country, I believe if given the right resources I will be successful in this industry, I've worked in the food and beverage industry for more then 24 yrs, so I know the process as far as bottling and packaging, but the ingredients have always been a secret. Can any one direct me on where to go to create and formulate the ingredients for that special drink that will leave the consumer asking for more, Well thats the plan. This is where I want to begin, so if there is anyone out there who can help me out I will greatly appreciate your input. Thank You and look forward to hearing fromn you soon. I can be contacted at : please e mail me with your input and advise... Thank You

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    Wow, this is something that I had always thought of doing. It's a great idea, especially for California. If you do start a soda bottler I'd bring back the returnable bottling process. It's so cool! Personally, if I was going to start up I'd contact flavor scientists to have them help me make good flavors. I'd also try to make a unique soda like licorice or almond cream; you know like something nobody else has. And for Hires root beer, well you never know. Maybe Dr. Pepper/Snapple (the group that ownes Hires) would send you the syrup so you could bottle Hires root beer.

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    Hello everyone. I am new to this site. I was hoping to find information where I can start my own beverage company. Currently I want to perfect my beverage. I want see how it taste in a aluminium can. Does anyone know where I can buy the equipment and aluminium cans? I want to start small to keep my cost down until i perfect the taste.

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    *Attention Pchen please do not buy your own equipment to start out with use a copacker. If you want to pay 50,000+ to get equipment you are going to tie up capital. USE A COPACKER LIKE US.


    We are a beverage co-packer in the Los Angeles Area. Our company name is California Co-packers. Our company is fairly large and we are the only completely beverage solution. We are better then the other guys is because of the things below. We also have the lowest minimums in the industry because of our multiple bottling facilities.

    Our Signature Package
    Beverage Formulation
    Beverage Consulting
    Label Design
    Package Design
    R & D
    Label Sourcing
    Bottle Sourcing
    100 Completed Samples
    Completion of 20 Cases of Product
    Help with Distributors
    Create Business Plan
    Continued support

    It comes with all of this, for only $4,999.

    If you are interested please call (818) 402-5737

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