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Thread: Sun Drop in CT

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    I thought I'd give a helping hand to those in CT who'd like to try what our neighbors to the south have been raving about for so many years. Sun Drop is a decent citrus pop (more lemon-y than SURGE, VAULT, or Mt. Dew), and well worth trying.

    Here is the address of a Wal-Mart in Cromwell that has Sun Drop in their outside vending machine for $1:

    Wal-Mart Store #2299
    161 Berlin Road
    Cromwell, CT 06416

    Here is the address of an Xpect Discounts in Cromwell that has Sun Drop in their vending machine (it's inside the store) for $1.25. But the machine has cool clear glass with an elevator that retrieves and spits out the bottles, so you definitely get something spiffy to watch for that extra quarter:

    Xpect Cromwell
    47 Shunpike Road
    Cromwell, CT 06416

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    i really like the band the cult. just thought i'd say that.
    woot woot

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