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    Just got back from London yesterday, and it's always intresting to see the local shops selling various Coca Cola products from all over.
    The one I found very intresting was a can that was produced in Morocco, in French and English. This certainly was an export can.
    I saw 500ml bottles from the Republic of Georgia,
    cans from Poland, Holland and even Coke Classic from Canada.
    These products can be found at more of the "Mom and Pop" types buisnesses, while the Coke produced in England could be found at chain stores.
    Is it cheaper to buy in bulk from Georgia or Morocco, than England?

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    This has been an issue for KO, and to a lesser extent others, for several years.

    Soda companies price products at local price levels. It works out in some cases that, even after paying for transportation and import duties, a "jackleg" importer can beat the local price. If you smuggle it it and don't pay the tax, all the better still.

    The courts have ruled that its not illegal to do so, as long as duty is paid. Canada, which oddly has very low soda prices contrasted to much of the world, is often a source of such "jackleg" imports.

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    The real question on my mind is: Do they have Coke II from Micronesia?

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