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    His name is Ron Jaffe, and he is hiking the Appalachian Trail. He's doing it for himself, but also for a good cause.

    I got an email from him yesterday saying he was in Gatlinburg taking a day off and I told him he was on the right path and I thought he might eventually run across some West Jefferson goodness Any ideas of where he might start looking for this stuff, in relation to the Appalachian Trail?

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    Well I don't live far from Gatlinburg and I can tell you that I've never seen west jefferson goodness within 100 miles of here (though it is possible I'm not looking hard enough).

    It is very easy to find most flavors of HFCS or Diet drink you can imagine CCE or Pepsi putting out and probably some others as well...
    I have 12 packs in my fridge, closet, trunk, and occasionally in random locations.

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