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    I stopped at a c-store a couple of days ago, and they had Sprecher's Ginger Ale (which i've never cared for) and Ravin' Red. The first thing I noticed was that the label said it was a cran-cherry soda. First sip was nice, I got a good cranberry flavor, followed by a subtle cherry flavor. But then the flavors just kind of...... drop out. The taste just fades. Until I took another sip. I have to score it a 6 out of 10. It's something I might try again, but it's not something i'd seek out. It's definitely an interesting taste, something I haven't tried in a soda before, but it just wasn't satisfying enough to buy another one any time soon.

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    Yes the ravin' red is OK but what is really excellent from Sprecher is the Cream Soda. That is awesome!!
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