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    Great Find in Cabot (Knights)
    2 liter Rootbeer (will bring back for our Champion Float)
    Cherry Limeade (bought the 2 liter)
    Orange in Bottles (will have end of august, when family visits)
    add Frosties Grape & Jolly Ranchers Grape to our growing grape soda list,, lol i know, a lot;
    also still looking, ha! lol
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    Hope you packed an extra carry-on bag! Good job on the Frostie varieties. My sister-in-law will bring up some glass bottles of root beer when she comes. I look forward to trying the Frostie as a float as well as the other flavors. I got your Boylan Birch Beer as well as Boylan Orange Cream and Grape while I was in Chincoteague this weekend as well as some Olde Philadelphia South Philly Orange Cream Soda. The Olde Philadelphia comes in all of the same flavors as the Boylan sodas and are pretty good. Have a good time in Cabot and we'll see you next week. 16 different grapes? We'll see if the crew still says "bring 'em on" when they have 32 oz. of soda staring them in the face.
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