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Thread: Coke in Mexico

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    Hi I'm Ramon, im 22 years old and i'm from Aguascalientes, Mexico, and I'm a real Coke Fan.

    I've read some topics about Coca-Cola products in some states in the USA, so I want to talk you about how Coca-Cola works here in Mexico.

    Here I go:

    Coca-Cola is distributed nationwide, and like CCE and Abarta, Coca-Cola distribution is performed through 14 Bottler groups, if you want to visit the bottler website to know more, here's the URL's of some of them:

    Coca-Cola FEMSA (
    Embotelladoras ARCA (
    Grupo Continental (
    Grupo Tampico (
    Bebidas Peninsulares ( UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
    Grupo RICA
    Coca-Cola CIMSA
    Corporación del Fuerte
    Grupo Fomento Queretano

    Embotelladora del Nayar
    Embotelladora de Colima
    Bebidas Refrescantes de Nogales

    The Coca-Cola products in Mexico are:

    Coca-Cola Light
    Coca-Cola Vainilla
    Sprite 0 (cero)
    Fanta (orange, strawberry, grape, lemon, peach, mandarin and new orange-chamoy flavors)
    Fresca (Citrus soda, in regular grapefruit or pink grapefruit versions)
    Manzana Lift (apple, green apple and golden apple flavors)
    Delaware Punch (non-carbonated grape drink)
    Ciel (bottled water)
    Ciel mineralizada (mineral carbonated water)
    Senzao (guarana flavor)
    Nestea (regular and new light flavors)
    Beat (citrus flavor, like Mello Yello)

    In some states, some of the Coke products that I already mentioned are not available in some states, and some of the Coca-Cola bottles distribute brands of their own, for example: Joya and Topo Chico in Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas, Mundet in Mexico City, Cristal in Yucatan and Quintana Roo, Peña Pura in Tamaulipas and Veracruz, SierrAzul en Coahuila, etc.

    In Mexico, Coca-Cola has a great variety of sizes, heres some of them:

    6 oz. Glass
    12 oz. Glass
    500 ml Glass
    2 Liter Plastic
    2.5 Liter Plastic

    8 oz. Glass and Can
    12 oz. Can
    450 ml PET
    500 ml PET and Glass
    600 ml PET
    710 ml PET
    1 Liter PET
    1.5 Liter PET
    2 Liter PET
    2.5 Liter PET
    3 Liter PET

    In Promotions, Coca-Cola made a promotion for the olympic season called "Vasolimpicos", Glasses with the olympic mascots, and Sprite launched the REMIX promotion: in the purchase of one 600 ml bottle of Sprite and one extra peso you can have a REMIX that you can mix with your Sprite, there's Tropical, Berry and Orange flavors, so now for the summer season we can try here in Mexico too the Sprite with different flavors.

    Well, That's all I have for today, but later I will give more Coke stuff from Mexico

    See ya!

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