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    Hi everybody!

    Today I went to Wal-Mart just to give a walk in the sodas aisle, and expecting to see the same Coke products. But today I found products that I've never seen before in my town and that I've seen before but were retired, here's a list:

    -Powerade Grapefruit
    -Powerade Citric Mango
    -Nestea Lemon Tea 1 Liter
    -Nestea Light Peach 400 ml

    And the amazing return of:
    -Powerade Green Apple
    -Powerade Lemonade

    My question is: Those products were on sale because of Salesko?, if this is affirmative, THANKS SALESKO!

    (If you have no idea of what's Salesko check my topic "Coca-Cola new mexican company...")

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    Did you max out your credit card? LOL
    My gosh I'm suprised you did not pass out from
    all the new poweraid flavors.

    Very cool to have that kind of experience.
    Usually it's only one or maybe two new discovies,
    You came across a lot of new things.

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    ramonazo Guest


    he he... well, I only bought a green apple Powerade, I didn't had enough money.

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    ramonazo Guest


    And I found another one! this time in Bodega Comercial Mexicana, Nestea Tangerine in 400 ml bottle!! I haven't tried yet but I'll do soon.

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