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    Being a teen who doesn't yet have a drivers license (15 yrs old), and parents who don't want to drive 200+ miles just for soda, I'm sort of outta luck. We make regular visits to Nashville (about 3 hours away, though) and I've yet to see it anywhere there. I did get to try it once when I was in Birmingham, but luck would have it that I didn't have a chance to stock up when I was there. I loved it.

    Would anyone here be willing to send me some and I'd pay via PayPal or something like that? Just wondering. If you're interested in the offer, e-mail me and let me know how much you'd want for it. Thanks

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    The only place you can get Vault on the internet would be EBAY, but you will have to bid for It. If you really want Vault I recomend you go to:
    1. Click on the Get Valut link
    2. Scroll down and click on Vault on EBAY

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