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    10 ways to know your becoming a BevHead

    1 You never pay for your gas before checking the beverage cooler for something new.

    2 When you go to another city you stop at c-stores and markets just to see what soft drinks are available.

    3 You have beverage bottles as part of your home or office decor.

    4 When friends or family go on vacation they bring you back a bottle of soda instead of a t-shirt for a souvenir.

    5 You have actually received a soft drink for a Christmas or birthday present.

    6 You check the BevBoard before your e-mail.

    7 You would rather go to Jungle Jim's than Disney World.

    8 You have left a store with $30.00 worth of soda in your trunk.

    9 Your major problems in life are things like "Where am I going to put all of these empty bottles?" or "What am I going to do with the other five cans of Celray?

    10 You would rather drink Mexican Coke than US Coke. The things you have heard about Mexican water scare you, but you drink it anyway because it's glass, it's sugar, and it's delicious.

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    1 and 2 applies for me.

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    Here another one that could be on your list.

    You open your refrigerator to find that the door and all but 1 square foot of space has at least 7 to 10 flavors of your A list soda pop.


    You intend to grocery shop for a weeks worth of food but in stead you buy 2 cubs of soda pop,3 fridge packs of soda pop, 1 case of bottled water and a large bottle of koolaid. ( I often forget to buy food, LOL)

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    Here's my answer

    1 YES, I always that I go to a grocery store, a supermarket or a minimarket I see first the bev section, specially the Coke products shelves, but don't do it before paying gas for two reasons: One, here in Mex. there's guys that pump your gas and you pay to them directly and two, I don't drive because I STILL DON'T KNOW HOW TO, LOL.

    2 DEFINETELY YES, for instance... everytime I go to Lagos de Moreno or Leon, Gto. I go to the grocery stores there only to see the new Coke products and the products that I don't find here (Because Lagos and Leon are FEMSA territories and I'm in CONTAL territory), like Fresca Rosa, Lift Verde, Fanta Pineapple, Fanta Tamarindo, Keloco, etc..., and Coke products with different bottles: Ciel 1 liter with sport cap, Powerade with Power-Flo cap, Coke 710 ml, etc.

    3 ABSOLUTELY YES, I have some plastic bottles of Coke decorating the furniture of my bedroom, when I was in my first home, I had the bookshelf full of bottles but my family didn't liked that, they said that my bedroom looked like a LONCHERIA or a Grocery Store.

    4 YES, As I mentioned, my friends brought me from Vegas 6 bottles of Coke products, for more info look at "my sodas are here!!" review.

    5 YES, last birthday I received one 600 ml Coke bottle, one 600 ml Delaware Punch bottle and three or four 8 oz. glass bottles, my family knows me well!!!

    6 ABSOLUTELY, I check it to see what my pals here answer about my replies and the interesting things they comment here.

    7 Hmm.. No, this one no.., instead of that I would like to go to EVERYTHING COCA-COLA in Vegas in my next vacation...

    8 YES, but not $30, maybe $5 or $10

    9 YES TOO... I have a huge pile of empty plastic bottles of U.S. and Mexican Coke products, and keeps growing and growing and I don't know what to do...

    10 TOTALLY YES, Although U.S. Coke tastes good, I prefer a thousand times Mexican Coke, but I don't worry about the water, Coca-Cola has greatest quality standards here too, so there's nothing to worry about...

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    pretty much all of the above for me!

    Give me some cane sugar real Pepsi in a glass bottle... and not Throwback!

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    You can tell I'm a BevHead - look at my name.

    Sometimes I waste alot of gas money on road trips to get Mello Yello. But I can't help it!

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    I must be a nerd. They all apply to me.

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    Hey, that's great. They all apply to me!

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    Yep, most of those apply to me. I was sooo mad when my wife & friend visited Arizona a few years ago, and got to the Sodapop shop AFTER they had closed. They had promised to pick me up some stuff.

    The next time they visited Arizona they did come back with $70 of soda from there.

    I wish I had more time in Albuquerque to check out the sodas there last month.

    I got started into personal soda importing by hauling a case or 2 of Fanta Red Cream soda from San Jose to Southern California.

    FYI, carbonation kill off bacteria in soda after about 48 hours, so Mexican Coke is no problem.
    -Mike H.
    Life is too short to drink crummy sodas...

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    I'd say about half apply to me. I'd never go to a store and spend more than 10 bucks on soda at once. That would be getting a little crazy for me
    I Love Soda!

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