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    Indian Ban US Soft Drinks

    Say it ain't so? What's this world coming to?
    Can't we all just enjoy some carbonated sugar water and a few burps?

    Good Grief.

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    " Federal MPs Thursday demanded a nationwide ban on Pepsi and Coke after the privately-funded Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) said 11 drinks sold by the two US companies contained unacceptable doses of pesticides.

    A two-judge bench of India's Supreme Court, meanwhile, gave the two firms a month to reveal the ingredients of their products, officials said. "

    I am positive that neither Pepsi or Coke was aware that there were pesticides in their drinks. I am also positive that they wouldn't try and sell those drinks with a label on the side saying "warning not safe for human consumption" .

    " The court reacted to a public lawsuit which argued products sold by both the firms were deeply laced with harmful chemicals such as phosphoric acid, caffeine and aspartame. "

    I see there are greedy lawyers all over the world that just attack any person or company that has a little money that would more than likely settle out of court rather than have anything as assanine as this on public record.

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