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    Hello all,
    I am based in New Orleans LA and have been trying to get a hold of packers,flavor companies and bottle manufacturers for my soft drink which i intend to market. Its been 6 months now and i am very disappointed at the way these companies respond.I just fail to understand why they dont show much interest and dont send samples so i can move on with my work.I would greatly appreciate it if u'll can help me with names of companies who can really help me.At the moment i am mainly looking for Pet or PP bottles for my drinks.
    My drinks will be non aerated and want to start with 6 packs in 6 different flavors.It also would be great if i can get some distributors who would be interested in marketing my product.Because of the companies not responding a lot of time and money has been wasted. Please try and help.Can mail me :
    Thank You.

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