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    <N-Luvi> Guest


    We are setting up a manufacturing plant in the caribbean to process and bottle a line of 100% fruit juices made from tropical fruits, eg, mango, passion fruit etc.

    I am looking for a supplier of glass bottles in a few sizes, ranging from 250ml and up to 750ml. can anyone recommend a supplier who may be able to provide glass bottles, preferably bottles with an interesting design appeal to them ?

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    <Mahmood Iqbal.> Guest


    We have noted your plans for setting up a bottling plant.
    Please note that we are one of the container glass manufacturers in the Middle East with production capacity of 650MT of glass per day with 8 section double gob, 8 section triple gob and 12 section triple gob machines.
    We are exporting our wide variety of Bottles for Juices, Soft Drinks and other beverages to countries like Australia/NewZealand to USA and Canada beside our domestic market in the Middle East.
    Our Marketing Distribution office for North America is based in Toronto, Canada.
    You may kindly contact us on the following contact numbers so that we are able to present you our range of product, drawings, samples etc.
    We look forward to your comments.
    Best regards.
    Regional Manager.
    S. & A. Abahsain Canada Inc.
    885 Progress Ave. Unit 308
    Toronto, Ont. M1H 3G3
    Ph. ++ 416 439 5257
    Fx. ++ 416 439 9471

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