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    My friend has been using Sidekick to let me know what brands of pop they stock. A surprise for me. Says it have glass bottles of:

    1. Mountain Dew
    2. Dr Pepper
    3. Orange Crush
    4. Afri-Cola
    5. Dr Brown's Black Cherry
    6. Boylan's Birch Beer
    7. Cricket Cola (never heard of that)
    8. Jones soda
    9. Thomas Kemper..all kinds

    That is all I know of. I plan to go to the actual place in a few days or so. Add more: Says a Mountain Dew glass bottle have a metal cap. Like a twist-off type. Not the plastic ones likeo n today's PET bottles.

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    They're probably longnecks from Dr Pepper West Jefferson then, I'd assume, out of North Carolina, on the Dew. The Dr Pepper ones also would come from there as well.

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