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    Today I went to soda king and it was not even a choice and the only coke is the 8oz bottle like u find in walmart.What is the story?
    Drink soda in Glass Bottles,the way the little guy lays the smackdown on big 2\'s plasta-paradise.

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    On you're next visit 2 Vegas U can find it (16.9 Mex. Pepsi) in some Am/Pm's.

    Coke has put the clamps on the importation of Mexican 16.9 oz glass, they R finally importing ther own 12 oz glass, and Core Mark distributes it in some states.

    I was in downdown LA trying 2 get some mexican 16.9 oz Coke (that does not sound good), and I was told either Coke or pepsi will B importing 16 oz glass bottles from Mexico soon.

    FYI on the news in Vegas last week they showed Mexican Coke and Pepsi 16.9 oz glass and said they cause lead poisoning, I am told it is only on the outside of the bottle.

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