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    Some of the sweet nectar hauled back from a trip to Minne-soda and Wisconsin. Notes below.

    Marcel’s. Posts from other board members led me to this jewel disguised as a coffee distributor in Bloomington. The owner is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and geez these folks have got the goods. They only sell glass and I found sodas from these bottlers and more:

    Mellow Moon (RC, Nehi)
    Dr Pepper of Texas (Dr Pepper, Sunkist). This is the first time I’ve seen the new DP logo on a glass bottle.
    Dublin Dr Pepper
    Orca Bottling (Bubble Up, Moxie, Dad’s, Quench, Nesbitts)
    Real Soda (Bubble Up& others)
    August Schell Brewing (Buddy’s)
    Gray’s Brewing
    Iron Horse
    Ely’s, unfortunately only the raspberry no blueberry. An unusual company.

    If you are ever in Minnesota, heck if you are anywhere near the Mississippi River, jump in and swim, swim, swim until you get to the Twin Cities. Marcels is a must see.

    Dr McGillicuddy’s (bought near LaCrosse WI) was a brand I had never seen. It is from New Orleans and the company has a web site. Woodman's I've already raved about, another retailer that's worth a significant detour.

    Dang! Root beer came from a Machine Shed restaurant near St. Paul. Overpriced at $2/bottle but so gimmicky I had to try it. Butterscotch. This could be vile.

    Spring Grove seems to have cut back on some of their flavors since switching from deli bottles – I think I saw 5 or 6 flavors but their website shows more. The Lemon Sour was purchased in Winona.

    Killebrew came from a Cub Foods. Some of you oldies might remember Harmon Killebrew from the Twins, his son owns a beverage company. Their sodas are sweetened with Minnesota honey & HFCS.

    I also got to visit the Coca-cola bottler in Winona. The owner gave me a quick tour and we talked for a while. His pride in this business really shows through, another super nice fella who goes to show that the smaller bottlers are the heart & soul of what’s left of the indy bottling industry in the US. He is the only Coke bottler that does 3 sizes of returnables, 6 ½ , 10 and 16 oz.

    Another great find thanks to posts on this board.

    For those about to drink pop, Wisconsin & Minnesota, I salute you.
    90 years of Cheer...1917-2007

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