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    Hey everyone,im sure you have heard of "xs" honestly its the best tasting energy drink i ever tasted i mean it tastes like.....a real drink and gives you real energy with herbs and 4900% B-12 no sugar,no carbs

    I am saleing them for wholesale actually about a dollar and a half more than i get them for because the truth is im really tired of people with their minds made up not to like it...after all the the end of the day it taste good,does what is says with none of the after affects if anyone is in the indidapolis area i give them out free every morning at my school and i will give out samples of every new flavor to people that are into a real energy drink and are serious my site is down below email me at XXXX and i will give you the wholesale price for 30 days and if you order them...again this is for people who are serious im not asking anyone to get into it...i will give you 2 free samples of every flvor that comes out anyway im open for communication about anything my email again is

    XXXXX@removed and the site is

    --removed url--

    Thank you for your time

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