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    Just put up my review:

    Jones Holiday Soda 2005 hits stores, taste like ass.

    In 2003, Jones Soda came out with Turkey & Gravy soda. In 2004, there was a series of 5 flavours in their Holiday Pack: Mashed Potato, Turkey & Gravy, Fruitcake, Cranberry, and Green Bean Casserole Soda. Right before Halloween we're seeing Jones Soda's 2005 Holiday Pack, which tastes as bad (if not worse) as reviews paint their 2004 pack. They're only available at Target stores in limited quanity.

    I drove to two target this friday, they weren't stocked yet. Saturday, I go to another after they just were put on shelves. Of the 15 available, I picked up 5. One to drink, some to give away, and others to sell in a couple months to recoup the total 55 bucks spent (11 a pack). I'd have taken pictures of my 5 packs and each bottle, but my room's a mess and I can't find batteries. Here's a picture uploaded by a bevnet member:

    Brussel Sprouts Soda: The smell is similar to what happens when you don't take your trash out, like mold. The taste is probably what would happen if you tried drinking the condensation that built up at the bottom of the bag. It's really that gross. Really salty tasting too. Definitely the worst product I've ever had. 0/10

    Cranberry Soda: I've had cranberry juice plenty of times, and held out hope that Jones was gonna come through and ensure a couple (along with Pumpkin Pie) of their sodas made up for the high price of each pack. Bevnet had last year's at a 3.5/5, which isn't a half bad rating. After the assault from Brussel Sprouts soda, I guess this is better, but it's not good. It tastes like a poor diet soda version of what carbonated cranberry juice should taste like. I'd probably go with a 2/10.

    Turkey & Gravy: It smells like a sweet gravy. Thicker consistency than a typical soda, and tastes like it smells (not always the norm with Jones products), a splenda-infused gravy soda. Definitely gross, but midrange in comparison to all 5. I guess this is a 1/10.

    Wild Herb Stuffing Soda: The smell is way better than the taste. Smell is a peculiar sweet smell, and actually gives you hope which the taste quickly takes away. It tastes pretty similar to salt water, but specifically the salt water you're forced to swallow when you get knocked over in the ocean by a wave. Oh, and with a little splenda. Blech. 1/10.

    Pumpkin Pie Soda: Very similar smell to actual pumpkin pie. Taste: Not so much. This is, I guess, what a diet pumpkin soda would taste like - but I've never had pumpkin pie soda before. I'd like to blame this and cranberry soda's failure on how Jones made all the flavours diet (0 calories) and both clearly taste like a shadow of what the original might taste like. It's the second best of the batch, which says very little when the best is below drinkable. A 2/10 at best.

    Overall, if you're gonna buy these - buy them to give away or resell months from now on ebay. 11 bucks for 5 drinks, all well below drinkable and one (Brussel Sprout) that is groundbreaking in horrible taste makes them a bad idea otherwise. Oh, and they're donating a portion of their sales (100,000 minimum) to St. Jude's Hospital, which I guess is probably a better charity than sponsering skateboarders.

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