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    Any body gotten the chance to try out the new Powerade Orange drink?? I'm afraid to because of the last 2 Powerades they had came out and tasted so DAMN awful!! and only lasted out in the markets for 2 or 3 weeks!!

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    Hmm will be interesting to try. What flavors were the other test marketed Powerades?
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    i am a high school wrestler which means i taste a lot of sports drinks. i tried orange powerade its nothing special. the best sports drink ive ever had is gatorade's frost cascade crash. its my favorite way to rehydrate after weigh-ins!

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    The last two Powerade flavors were Raize (I think that's the spelling) and Psych. they were in aluminum bottles. Never saw them up this way, so I assume they didn't do that well in test markets.

    Also, the Powerade Light flavors failed miserably. They taste ok.. but I guess the world wasn't ready for diet sports drinks.

    Most areas just have the three core flavors: Mountain Blast, Fruit Punch, Lemon-Lime. The other flavors are Jagged Ice (like grape), Infrared Freeze (a sort of orange taste), Artic Shatter (white color.. tastes like crap), Green Squall (green, I think pineapple is the main flavor. also crap).

    Orange will provide a good fourth core flavor to the lineup. Gatorade seems to sell a good bit of orange, so it makes sense to copy their top basic flavors to compete.

    Powerade's big successes, in my opinion, were the refomulation and new labels, as well as the switch from the 6-pack can to the 6-pack 12oz PET bottle. The package grew by leaps and bounds, and most chains carry this package on the shelf. In fact, Gatorade recently came out with their own version of this package, albeit in some pretty nasty looking flavors.

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