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    I work in manhattan and Zygo has slowly but surely been popping up everywhere. It's good. As a bartender it's the only new liquor that has come out in the last few years that I can actually sell without a distributor handing out money as an incentive. Whatever, I've met the owners of the stuff too. They ar really good guys, and they have a great idea. Plus they are really hands on and care about their brand. They are in a hundred and fifty spots in NYC and supposedly they hands sell almost all of it themselves. Anyway, it's really good, they have a website and I want to help these guys out because they have something I really like and a lot of my co-workers do too. It's a peach flavored vodka infused with taurine, D-Ribose, Guarana, and Yerba Mate. check it out

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    Zygo is good.

    Had it at house party this past weekend. I was surprised at the taste since most energy drinks taste like medicine.

    Not bad.

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