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    Being that I'm a fan of small business, and that I'm right south of Atlanta. I would be proud to help with any marketing. --- I hope to see your product grow if it is ever put into full production.

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    good luck dude

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    If you are just starting out in the beverage business, take my advice and learn the basics first. I suggest going to work for a large company on the ground floor. Get your Class A CDL and do some delivery or take an entry level merchandising job. Turnover is high, so there are opportunities at every wholesaler or bottler in the nation. If you are young, travel around and see how different companies in different regions of the country operate. Gather info and ideas, and, above all, respect for the business. Once you understand how the beverage distribution business works, then by all means jump in with both feet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lusos View Post
    Being that I'm a fan of small business, and that I'm right south of Atlanta. I would be proud to help with any marketing. --- I hope to see your product grow if it is ever put into full production.
    I am interested in starting an organic beverage company.

    1. Are there any regulations/laws I need to be aware of?
    2. How did everyone come up with their ingredients for the drinks?
    3. How did everyone get started?


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    Default Outsourcing

    Does anyone know of a generic juice manufacturer that can be used for outsourcing a juice product?

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    What kind of beverages?

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    Hi there, I came across your posts here and was wondering if any of you could offer me some help. I to am looking to start up a beverage company, and am wondering where to get the product bottled, start up costs etc. Any help would GREATLY be appreciated. I look forward to talking with you


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    Hello sir,
    My name is Jordan Biegert, and I am starting a beverage company as well, although my company aims to invent a different kind of beverage aimed more towards the adult market if you know what I mean. I have a great goal in mind, and have been doing quite a bit of research to perfect the concoction. Please email me so I can gain some guidance from you. I would greatly appreciate any insight from somebody with a greater knowledge of the industry and the process of beginning a company. my email is Thank you very much for your time.
    Jordan Biegert

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    Hello, I want to open my own beverage company. I want to perfect the taste. Currently, I want to see how it taste in a aluminium can, bottle, or glass container. Does anyone know where I can buy the canning or bottling equipment? Also, does anyone know where I can buy the aluminium cans or bottles? I want to start small so I am not looking for sophisticated equipment. This is for testing only not mass production. If you can help, please email me at Thanks in advance!

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    We are a beverage co-packer in the Los Angeles Area. Our company name is California Co-packers. Our company is fairly large and we are the only completely beverage solution. We are better then the other guys is because of the things below. We also have the lowest minimums in the industry because of our multiple bottling facilities.

    Our Signature Package
    Beverage Formulation
    Beverage Consulting
    Label Design
    Package Design
    R & D
    Label Sourcing
    Bottle Sourcing
    100 Completed Samples
    Completion of 20 Cases of Product
    Help with Distributors
    Create Business Plan
    Continued support

    It comes with all of this, for only $4,999.

    If you are interested please call (818) 402-5737

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