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    Servicemen, universities, shift workers and future millionaires be advised that Wild Tiger is here! [img]smile.gif[/img] Coke may not like it. Pepsi may not like it. Red Bull may be hating it on ice. Wild Tiger has a loyal customer base overseas where units may drink a Humvee-load per week! It has lower sodium and sugars than several energy drinks and is poplular in gyms. It has no aspertame, unlike many low- or no suger competitors. It is easy on the stomach. No guarana or ephedrine. AND THE TASTE! To the dear people who have sweated their lungs out in Iraq and Afganistan: here's a little taste of home while you're in the States. I read a RUMOR on a web site that it had nicotine in it. Wrong. They were not familiar with VITAMIN B3, nicotamide. This drink is going to make other people nostalgic for their current can of fizz, because they won't be drinking anything but Wild Tiger in the future. 336)462-3164. 31.60/cs of 24 on retail pickup orders or local delivery. (Compare that to the $2.00 per can or $8.00 Yaeger drinks using Red Bull as a bar mixer) We have sole proprietorship for the Southeastern United States! Distribute with us and get wealthy. Please email or visit our site:
    May the winds of life blow through the branches of your soul.

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