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    Hello, my name is Dave and I have recently returned from Iraq (Baghdad) and am getting ready to retire from 20 years of National Guard duty and want to begin building a future for me.

    I am a distributor for True (Trying to be) and am looking for a way to get into the "BEVERAGE INDUSTRY" to sell large volumes of Glass Door Reach In's. You know the stuff you see everywhere, 7-11's, C-Stores, Supermarket Isle End caps, etc.

    I know about NACS (National Assoc. of C-Stores) and the volume that can be done there but it seems the extremely large dealers / distributors are the only ones that get those type of accounts. What about the little guys starting out? I have experiance selling to large customers but not with this type of equipment.

    Any suggestions? Are there any really good links out there aside of "Chain Store Guide"?? There has got to be a more direct source to get to these typoes of customers, right? Hmmm, maybe not?
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