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Thread: new cheap beers

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    josef hoffbauer from cold spring, minnesota.

    milwaukee's special reserve reg./light, from the melanie brewing company.

    first of all, did these really have to be made? second of all, why. why. why. why. why.

    what's interesting about these beers is that the high end beer importers/distributors in my area are using them to get a foothold in liquor/beer stores that move a lot of cheap product as well as high end stuff. they get their thirties in and then add a few more cases. it's interesting, but it makes me cry. not because it's giving my co. a run for their money or anything but because at the little store i work at when i'm home from school, i don't know what to do with all of the empties.

    and it smells awful.
    woot woot

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