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    I'm not sure I could narrow it down to just one beer - since there are many different varieties that I've really enjoyed. Some of the beers are best with a certain type of food and some are simply refreshing and delicious.

    Not counting brewpubs, among my favorites are:

    1. Erlanger - from Jos Schlitz Co. This beer hasn't been brewed (to my knowledge) since Schlitz was sold to Stroh. It was a fantastic beer though - brewed in accordance to the centuries-old Bavarian law (4 ingredients only).

    2. Sam Adams - Boston Beer Co. I love their regular lager. (I actually like all of their products - so far.)

    3. Brooklyn Lager. It's somewhat difficult to find, but it's very much like Sam Adams.

    4. Killians Red - Coors Brewing Co. I actually liked it better when it was an ale, but the current version is still very good.

    5. Lowenbrau - Miller Brewing Co. I used to love this beer - then Miller changed the recipe and I stopped drinking it. Recently I bought Lowenbrau and discovered that the old recipe was back (or this wasn't brewed here in the states) because it was fantastic.

    6. Yuengling's Black and Tan - A really good, easy to drink beer.

    7. Fosters - Smooth, easy drinking beer.

    8. Michelob Honey Lager - I love the taste. Nothing like it on a hot summer's day.

    9. Dos Equis - Excellent beer from Mexico

    10 - Tecate - another excellent beer from Mexico.

    11. Budweiser - my favorite domestic beer.

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