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    several new low-carbs in the mix including...

    one by miller (with added electrolytes)
    labatt sterling
    molson ultra

    molson is redesigning the chiller pack 36-pack of cans in the cooler, with 18 canadian and 18 canadian light

    molson's also putting out 8.4oz slim cans for bars.

    and in august, molson's releasing the 55-can "pregamer" pack. it weighs 47 pounds.

    also, molson will be introducing the 28pack of cans in the shape of a tire.

    labatt will have fridgepacks starting in mid june

    dos equis has come out with the "double dos," which is half dos equis special lager (or green) and half dos equis amber (brown). 24pk bottles.

    we just got labatt 18pk cans in as well, and we've pretty much phased out labatt's mountain packs (20pk cans in double layers of ten, in the shape of a triangle).

    15pks of guinness cans at all sam's clubs.

    also, the official black and tan mixing kit.
    8 cans of guinness, a 12pk of harp lager, a mixing spoon and brochure on how to do it, all in one box. these things are pretty badass.

    foster's, coors light are both in the midst of logo changes
    woot woot

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